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Energy-saving benefit

To achieve the best energy efficiency, it is necessary to effectively use energy, reducing power, make less energy to provide the same level of effect. In the face of energy shortage problem, improve energy efficiency is one of the most economic and effective method to improve. At the same time, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide when electricity production, can effectively slow climate change, reduce damage made of global warming on the earth

Immediate action, to adopt green lighting products

Lighting is necessary life. The traditional incandescent lamp as heat very light, the principle of operation, in the burning waste about 95% of its electricity. By contrast, energy-saving lamps can save up to 80% power. Contribute a bit to environmental protection, immediate action, to adopt high energy efficient lighting products.

Energy label plan

Many countries and regions have launched



Grade A and B: excellent energy-saving performance of electric light source, compared with A light bulb, energy saving up to 80%

Level D: halogen lamp

Level E and F: general energy-saving performance of incandescent lamp is the worst

More the eu energy efficiency label information, please refer to:


Sky - lighting is committed to solve the problem of climate change

Sky - lighting the concept of "creative light splendid life!" , to make the sky - lighting energy-saving lamp technology to research, to promote the energy saving benefits of the product, so as to replace incandescent and halogen lamps. Sky - lighting with the best quality of life for the people and the environment.

Sky - lighting energy-saving lamp luminous efficiency is superior, the energy efficiency by authoritative organizations around the world. Most sky - lighting energy-saving lamps has reached the eu energy efficiency of grade A level.

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