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Why choose energy-saving lamps?

Energy-saving light energy conservation and environmental protection, and can save money, more comparable incandescent light efficiency, is the best substitute for incandescent bulb. A 20 w LED lights/energy-saving lamps can provide the same brightness as 100 w incandescent bulbs, save 80% power at the same time. Can use energy-saving lamps to replace inefficient incandescent light, simple and effective to alleviate global climate change. Energy-saving lamps not only environmental protection, low power consumption, save money economy, and widely applied.

LED lights/energy-saving lamps relieve the greenhouse effect

Human activities cause serious damage to the earth, relieve the greenhouse effect, is urgently needed. Recent research is pointed out that the emissions of carbon dioxide speed it is more than double the speed of the earth can absorb. At present, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 380 parts per million, for the record since 4000000, intensifying greenhouse ?


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