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How to choose energy-saving lamps?

Energy saving lighting products more and more common, is widely used. When choosing suitable LED lights/energy-saving lamps, must consider the following factors: such as brand, wattage, energy efficiency, durability and appearance. The following tips, allowing you to easily choose the appropriate energy-saving lamps.

Choose a brand with good reputation

Due to the LED/energy-saving lamp can save a lot of energy and application costs, whether in household or industrial and commercial applications, are becoming more and more popular. Appeared on market now, there are many brands of LED lights/energy-saving lamps, however, product quality good and bad are intermingled. Due to the complexity of LED lights/energy-saving lamps products design, must be the application of advanced technology and machine, can produce good quality products. A good brand reputation, of industry recognition, quality and safety are guaranteed.


Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamps equipped with a variety of wattage, as low as 4 w, 320 w, 20 w to 400 w effectively replace the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp or metal halide lamp, applicable to various household and commercial applications.

Choose the best level of energy label products

Many countries and regions, such as the European Union and Hong Kong, has been to implement energy conservation policy, mandatory or voluntary energy efficiency labelling scheme, provide consumers with information, such as energy consumption and benefit for citizens of choose and buy of energy-efficient products.

In order to make the public more easily identify and choose the product with high energy efficiency, carry out plans of countries and regions will ask producers in some universal electric put the energy label, make consumers can learn from the label product energy consumption and efficiency ?



Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamp luminous efficiency is superior, the energy efficiency by authoritative organizations must all over the world. Most of the Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamps is up to the level of the eu to develop A level of energy efficiency.

Pay attention to the average life span for the LED lights/energy-saving lamps

When the choose and buy LED lights/energy-saving lamp, the lamp life expectancy is absolutely cannot be ignored. A life lasting LED lights/energy-saving lamp can save you more money and maintenance effort, at the same time, also can reduce the pollution of the product disposed of the land. Basically, CFL energy-saving lamps can operation from 6000 to 15000 hours, and LED lamp life 40000 hours more. The light bulb cost and life into account, the application of LED lamp/energy-saving lamps cost is far less than incandescent bulbs.


Choose the right color temperature

Logo light color is the color temperature measuring unit, said with K values. Low color WenYu, light slants yellow, is warm color to move, suitable for home; On the contrary, high WenYu of color, light blue and white, is the cool color to move. Customers can according to individual be fond of, application environment and the need to create an atmosphere of lighting effects and choose appropriate color temperature of light source.

Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamps with different color temperature: 2700 k 3000 k soft warm yellow light, yellow light, soft white light 4000 k, 6500 k cold white light, to choose from, let you experience the best lighting effect.


With the size of the LED lights/energy-saving lamps and lamp holder


LED lights/energy-saving lamps with different shape, size and function. With the development of LED lights/energy-saving lamp technology mature, LED lights/energy-saving lamps have very big breakthrough in terms of size and shape, the most common styles include the candle shape, shape of traditional light bulb, tube and reflector lamp, small size, comparable with incandescent bulbs.

Therefore, you can meet application needs and USES, such as home, security, lighting, a reading or accent lighting, etc., choose suitable LED lights/energy-saving lamps. You may need to energy-saving lamps with candle shape noble candle light lamps and lanterns, or a light reflector lamp as a reading lamp.

In addition, when the choose and buy the appropriate energy-saving lamp, lamp holder and lamps and lanterns must be considered whether to cooperate. The lamp holder of the most common include:


Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamps have many different shapes and lamp holder. In order to provide the best product, Yida Lighting continuously develop the latest technology, make the function of the Yida Lighting LED lights/energy-saving lamps are more diversified, including the dimming function, induction lamp, luminous function and so on, full consideration the user needs.

Pay attention to environmental protection

Global warming, the greenhouse effect, the serious pollution, energy crisis and other issues, not only damage our living environment, a threat to the next generation in the future. "Environmental protection", much attention has been paid to environmental protection, is urgently needed.

Part of the brand of energy-saving lamps spared no effort to protect the environment, strictly control the production process and use of toxic materials such as lead and mercury. At the same time, the application of recycled materials to reduce land pollution.

Yida Lighting pay attention to

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